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Crafting Guide For Aion Online – The Tower of Eternity

Eco_Dev2In Aion, there are six different crafting skills: Alchemy, Armorsmithing, Cooking, Handicrafting, Sewing, and Weaponsmithing. In order to learn a craft, you must find that craft’s expert from your race’s major city and pay 3,466 Kinah.

For Asmodians, go to the Temple of Artisans in Pandemonium and find:

Alchemy: Honir
Armorsmithing: Kinterun
Cooking: Lainita
Handicrafting: Lanse
Sewing: Zyakia
Weaponsmithing: Rogi

For Elyos, go to the Artisans’ Hall in Sanctum and find:

Alchemy: Diana
Armorsmithing: Vulcanus
Cooking: Hestia
Handicrafting: Utsida
Sewing: Daphnis
Weaponsmithing: Anteros

Each character can learn every craft and reach a skill of 399; however each character can only become a master at one craft.

The Basics

Now that you have learned a craft, there are a few important guidelines to follow. The first is accessing your craft window. To do this, open up your Skills window and select the Crafting tab, then Right-Click on your craft to bring up its window. At the top of the window, under the name of the craft, is your experience bar. If you just learned it, it will say ’1/99′. As you get closer to 99, just like gaining regular experience, the bar will fill up. However, when you max out at 99, you will need to return to your craft’s expert (the names listed above) and pay to learn the next level. The following are the prices to pay.

Lesser = 3,466 Kinah
Regular = 17,334 Kinah
Greater = 115,566 Kinah
Expert = 462, 264 Kinah
Master = ~1,500,000 Kinah?

When you pay the price above to learn the next level, you will gain 1 skill point. For example, if you are at 99 and pay 17,334 Kinah to become a Regular crafter, your skill will become 100.

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