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Places To Sell Handmade Crafts selling handmade crafts online, most people instantly think of etsy or artfire. Both are absolutely great places to set up an online handmade craft shop. But simply creating a shop won’t get your handmade crafts noticed by shoppers or the sales you want. You must use effective marketing techniques that will drive targeted traffic to your shop. Sounds easy right! Well online marketing isn’t as easy as it may sounds. There are a variety of techniques, search engine optimization, link building, pay-per-click campaigns, social networking, email campaigns and the list goes on and on.

I actually takes a combination of all of the online marketing techniques above to get your online handmade craft shop noticed. These techniques also require a lot of time and some require a good deal of money. I know this because I manage the online marketing campaign for Handmade Craft, an online virtual craft show that markets handmade artists and their online shops.

Handmade Craft Show has one main focus and that is to market handmade crafts.  Our unique setup is different from other virtual craft shows and handmade artists and buyers have taken noticed. New handmade artists are always adding their online shops because they understand that this is the easiest and most affordable way to market their online shops. If you are needing visitors to your online shop then I encourage you to join our virtual craft show and let us do the marketing for you. This way you can stay focus on your day job or adding more handmade craft items to your shop.

Craft Shows, A Great Place To Buy And Sell Handmade shows are great places to buy and sell unique handmade. They are a fantastic way to spend a weekend and relax from a hectic work week.  Unfortunately, there are several cons/limits to traditional craft shows that you don’t encounter with virtual crafts shows. The biggest con is location. Traditional craft shows usually include local artists or those within driving distance. With virtual craft shows you are able to see a wide variety of handmade from all over the world.

Virtual craft shows have lots of other fantastic and convenient features. They typically are organized by categories and include a search box. So if you there is a particular kind of handmade that you are looking for, you can easily find it in a matter of minutes.  Also you never have to worry about carrying around your handmade finds from booth to booth. Nor do you have to worry about if it is going to rain or be too hot.

There are never any lines and there is always fresh and new handmade and artists to discover. There are many similarities between traditional craft shows and virtual ones. For instance, just like at a traditional craft show, at a virtual craft show you purchase the handmade items you like directly from the handmade artist who made it.  Both types of craft shows are a fun way to shop handmade and meet interesting handmade artists. So no matter your preference, just remember you can’t go wrong as long as you are shopping handmade and supporting gifted handmade artists.